Saturday, December 06, 2008

Virtual Wa Rmup

Today, spring training tickets go on sale. In other words, it's rehearsal day. Next week, we'll all deal with the Virtual Waiting Room for real, but today you can work on your chops. Unless you're going to spring training in March, in which case you're actually buying tickets.

Pawtucket tickets also go on sale today, and since I live a few miles from their stadium now, I'll get some of those games. The best thing about the PawSox is they let you choose your exact seat.

Kate's was fun last night. It was a mob scene. Met some good people. Our next signing is December 20th at the Bookworm in West Hartford at 11 AM.

Update, 11:20 AM. PawSox site was very slow, and most "green" seats were gone, but almost all "red" seats (they all cost 10 bucks, but the green are closer) were available, so I got the games I wanted.

As for ST, the one Yanks game sold out by 11:00, but as of now there are still plenty of good seats at every other game--just the fact that I got in without trying very hard is a good sign. I'm really hoping the bad economy keeps people away in '09, and I think this may be a good sign. But it's only spring training. We'll see what happens next week. Remember this golden rule: Try to save money, be responsible, etc., and you'll only end up going to less games. Spend beyond your means, and you'll be at Fenway a lot in '09! You only live once! But seriously, be responsible. Don't buy baseball tickets. That way there'll be more for me.

Ive been in the waiting room since 10am! Lucky bastard. 3 hours later and no tickets....howd you do it?
How many windows did you open at once? I wasn't really trying that hard, and even stopped while getting my PawSox tix. Then I opened up maybe 7 windows and in a few minutes, at least one had broken through.
most "green" seats were gone

FWIW, the PawSox never put all the seats on sale at the start of the year. I think they hold a lot for ticket packages they might sell before the season starts. There are a couple of front-row single green seats that I like, but they don't show up until much closer to opening day (and sometimes not until closer to the date in question).
This was the first year I attempted to buy Paw on the day they went on sale--but yeah, last year ad the year before, I went on there much later, and there were more greens available than there seemed to be today.

I know JS (Baseball Heavy) said she got her tix weeks ago, so between season ticket holders and the Xmas party they did today, maybe that contributed to why a lot of greens were gone, too? Anyway, I kinda like the red--still so close to the field--I try to get seats right above the walkways, so no one's in front of you and you can put your feet up.

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