Thursday, December 11, 2008

Twenty Benito Santiago

What do you people think about a big RSF/PT event in '09 where you'd come to Providence, play in a big Wiffle Ball game, and then head next door to Pawtucket to see a PawSox game? Once I chose a date, it would be easy to get tix--they're all 10 bucks and we could pick a section and everyone could buy their own. Let me know.

It's been a while since I mentioned Kim's soap store, so, just in time for your December holiday of choice, check out Stella Marie Soaps. It all smells amazing while doing its primary job of removing dirt from your body.....or something. And it's made in my house.

Well considering that I live here, and like both the playing of wiffleball and the attending of PawSox games I would say--probably yes.
Count me in Jere!

This proposition got overshadowed by the uni-talk, so I'll ask again later.
As long as I don't get hit with any more unexpected surgery (I've been laid up all week recuperating from a hernia repair), I'd try to make it.

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