Friday, January 02, 2009


[Note: I wrote and posted this post at 1 AM, but had used an open window that I'd started previously, so it came up a few posts below. I've moved it up here, but clearly too late, as I'm probably gonna post something else soon anyway. Myyyy mistake...]

I've been trying to figure out for a few days why Tony Mazz thinks the Red Sox' lineup is "suspect," considering it's just about the same as last year, when it second in the league in runs per game, and first in baseball in on base percentage. (Someone else thought the same thing, and asked him directly--his answer was something about how the team's numbers were inflated by bashing bad teams in August and that there's a good chance it'll be closer to "average" this year. I ain't buyin' it.)

Nice finish to "the marathon"--tonight they ended up showing the three episodes which were remade in the 1983 movie, all within a few hours. And we got to see traditional favorite, Willoughby. Hope all you fellow Zone-Nerds enjoyed it this year, too, in the 50th anniversary of the show's debut. It never disappoints.

Spent all of yesterday camped in front of the TV, and concluded the Twilight Zone marathon with "A Stop at Willoughby." One of my top five of all-time, and it was a great way to finish off the holiday.
Gotta love Willoughby. And not just because they mention stops on the New Haven line of the Metro-North.

You'll like this--when he calls home, he asks the operator for "Capital 7," and then the rest of the number. So that's a 327 number in the 203 area code. I looked up a similar number, and saw it was in Stamford, CT, which is one of the stops they mention a lot in the episode. So they used a correct number. (However, he called from the city, and I didn't hear him specify CT over NY. Then again, they could've lived in Westchester, making it a 914-327 number, but he was still on the train when Stamford was the next stop, so I'd say they lived in or near Stamford.
I'll always wish that Serling hadn't smoked cigs. We might have seen and experienced so much more of his genius. I have all the Zones in chronological order on a DVD set, including the 60 minute ones. Classic stuff for sure. I hope they didn't mash it up with too many commercials. Have a great weekend, Jere. Hi to Kim.

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