Saturday, December 13, 2008

TiXmas Eve (Part I)

Tomorrow is one of the two high holy days on the ticket-buying nerd's calendar. (It appears from my pre-TiXmas under-the-tree snooping that January 31st will be the other day.) I'll probably wake up several times in the night worried that I've overslept and missed tickets going on sale.

Advice? Try the phone--everyone always forgets that option. If not, get your windows open and pray. Also, go in with the attitude that you will get in right away. It can't hurt. Oh, and login to your MLB account beforehand, so you don't have to waste valuable time logging in once you've gotten through. (And if you're having two people buy from the same computer, remember to LOG OUT and log back in after the first person reaches the 8-ticket limit. Even if you both use different names, addresses, and credit cards, they WILL cancel the second order if both are done with the same login info. I learned this the hard way last year.) And when you do get through, if you get an error message, like the high transaction volume one, don't give up or start again--just keep selecting your seats and hitting "continue."

This ice storm should help us--I hear much of Western Mass has no power until Monday. That should thin out the field. (Don't worry, they can't see this.) Hey, it's brother against brother when the ticket war is on. No, seriously--think of it this way: A lot of people are just on there, clogging the system up with one intention, to buy so they can resell. I hope a huge amount of those ass heads don't have power right now.

Big news: the 15-dollar RSN membership now comes with access to the Monster Seats during batting practice for any game you have a ticket to. If you're trying to get baseballs, this is a must.

So the Yanks got Burnett. They're doing what they need to do--and should've done last off-season--which is get some solid starters. The good news for us is that AJ and CC only replace their two best starters from '08, Pettitte and Moose. Granted, these guys are better than those guys, but how many more wins will they give the team? And will AJ stay healthy? Will Wang stay healthy? Will CC eat AJ? Will Joba eat healthy wang? Speaking of Terrible Joba, a word of advice if you're planning on going to a Sox-Yanks game in '09: Go ahead and yell whatever you want at Joba--the guy falls for it like he's a minor leaguer. You can get into his head--if not just distract the hell out of him. I've seen it done. Just yell one insult at him when he's in the pen and he'll immediately lose focus and start talking back. I think he needs to see A-Rod's shrink.

Hey, wanna buy the fakest Red Sox team-autographed ball of all-time? Click here. Yeah, like Yaz would radically alter his signature after decades of doing it with the huge loop--and he'd make it look like a photo copy. I'll tell you what this looks like. It looks like someone's dad gave his kid a team autographed ball--writing all the autographs himself. At least with that the ball would really be signed, instead of stamped.

10:20 and stuck in the VWR (with 100 windows open)

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