Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Stereotype Pack

I was just saying to Kim how the Red Sox always refer to their Sox Pax as "the popluar Sox Pax." Like they think without that tag we'll all just go, "oh, that's just some ticket package of low- to normal-level popularity--nothing I'd be interested in." I guess it's a marketing thing. Like when I pick up the cat he starts complaining and I tell him, "you LIKE being picked up, remember?"

Anyway, this year's press release is out, with the usual details about Xmas at Fenway (by lottery again this year as I thought) and the Sox Pax, and they've slightly altered the "popular" line. This year, they're described as the "always popular Sox Pax"! Not just sometimes, people.

There's also a new event, the Great Fenway Yard Sale, held on the 14th (the day after Xmas @ Fenway), where they'll sell ya bricks and things. Another lottery-only event.

And every year, I hold the always popular Make Fun of the Sox Pax Names Event. (Remember the "Boomer Pack" controversy?) This year, they're pretty basic. You've got the "day" pax, like "Sunday Best" for four Sunday games, etc. And in the other category, the "named after opponents" pax, you've got really basic ones, like Tomahawk and Brave pax for ones that include a Braves game, and Yankee and Bomber pax for ones with a Yankee game. But there's one weird one: a pack with a Braves game and an Indians game is called the "Noc-a-homa" Pack. Chief Noc-a-homa (knock a homer) was the old Braves' racist mascot, similar to the Indains' current racist mascot. Noc-i-toff!


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