Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sept/Oct On Sale Now

[Update: The October theory works--just added 4 together in the bleachers for one of those games. The first time I went in I had no VWR--this time it took ten minutes.]

As I suggested they might, the Sox have put September/October on sale. And as I said when I saw the schedule when it came out months ago, that first October weekend is key, because I guarantee plenty of people will think the last September game is the last game of the season. Since each month is its own page, people might not even click on "OCT." So that should leave extras for us.

Just now I added a few more upper bleacher singles--got that same seat (top right corner, last seat up, last seat over) to a different game! And I got a seat that borders the back wall in dead center, not a bad deal for 12 bucks each plus fees. And I didn't even have to wait in the VWR--just went right in.

So, yeah, I'll be there a lot the final weekend, and in April/May/Sept in general. Hey, if you buy every single game individually, are you a season ticket holder?

I would love to understand how it works - I was in the VWR for a combined 6 hours yesterday (including a stint after midnight), and have been in full time since 8.30am this morning, and nada... not once have I gotten beyond the countdown room...
Wow, I don't know. I got the email today about Sept/Oct, went in and got through with no VWR. Pretty much the same last night at midnight--there was absolutely no traffic at that point. Didn't even have to go through opening dozens of windows, just opened a few, got through.
It appears all i needed was 6 hours of patience on a Sunday... 2 tix for an Angels game in September.

Now I just need to experience how bad things are when a ticket comes with a wlakway advisory warning.
It's looking pretty easy to get in now - I just made out like a bandit. I hope to end up with something close to 'virtual season tickets' too.

And no one should worry about the walkway advisory. That probably means you're at the front of a loge box - nice - and I've found the human traffic to be an infrequent annoyance at worst.
There are certain areas that are really bad, though. Like--the front row of the loge as far as you can go toward left field. There's not much of a walkway in front of that row, yet people still use it as a walkway. It's almost like the seats are positioned IN the walkway. But yeah, it does usually mean row AA of loge, and after the first inning or so, you shouldn't have too much trouble. The closer you are to a runway from underneath, the worse it gets--think about it, during the traditional "beer run" times, it takes a while for people to get in and out of those alley ways, so you're gonna have people just standing in the walkways waiting.

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