Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Pizza Movie

When Brian and I were about to go on tour with our band in 2001, he hadn't eaten pizza for six months. Since we had a show in Seattle, he decided to finally end his no-pizza streak at Pagliacci, a place he'd come to love during a previous visit to the city. I was filming when The Pac-Men walked into Pagliacci to see the streak broken. Five years later, I made the footage into a short movie. Two-ish years after that, I give you the internet debut of...whatever this movie's called:

Notes: Movie features Jere's director's trademark: a song playing in the background smoothly turns into the audio playing over the video....Brian's drink order is "iceless Mr. Pibb"....Pac-Men lineup--Brian, vocals; Pat, guitar; Tim, drums; Jere, bass....movies made by Brian himself can be found here.


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