Sunday, December 07, 2008

Pac Stuff

Wow, somebody put up my old band's demo tape online. Listen to the first eight Pac-Men songs here. (Someone else put it up, too, and included a transcript of some of the liner notes.) Beware: Those songs rule!

In the shot of us playing (playing music, not video games like in the other pic), we're in Tim's basement. I have my Toonces the Driving Cat T-shirt on and a mohawk. Also note the awesome Pac-Man drumhead, made by Tim himself out of some ribbon from the ribbon factory we both worked in at the time. And the Warrant and Poison posters and "Duck Xing" sign in the back. On that other site, you'll see my almost never-used nickname was Cruise Elroy. This was a term invented by some guys in the early 80s who basically wrote a thesis about Pac-Man. I can't find it now but I have it printed out somewhere. You will see the term referred to in certain places online, though.

I love that you have a Toonces the Driving Cat t-shirt.
So I know that Brian knows this but you may not. My brother was the ultimate pac-men fan back in high school days. In fact, you were the one backpack patch that has remained intact (on purpose) and is still on there. He totally thought you were the bee's knees and thought Brian was hilarious as a front man. I never heard your band until I tagged along to the teen center one night but couldn't see/hear much. All I know is that Brian kept telling everyone to shut the fuck up, which Ojo (my bro) and I thought was hysterical especially after everybody quieted down but then someone made a fart noise or something then Brian made fun of the noise maker. It was sooo fucking weird to end up making the connection that the Brian I know today was the guy who sang for that band because he was so ballsy and obnoxious on stage, which is not what he's like when hangin'. Did you have an alter ego, too?
When I met Ojo (Oho) on Halloween '07 at your place, he brought up being a fan of The Pac-Men and I thought it was really awesome. I mean, I liked Ojo immediately, but the fact that he was a Pac-Fan was a great bonus.

I have to say though, you must've caught Brian on a weird night or something. I don't think of him as being the way you described on stage. I mean, I guess he was a little obnoxious when he was taunting those macho guys at our Hanover House show--but in a totally acceptable way, because those guys deserved it. But overall we were all about the fun, tossing out free T-shirts, having video game contests, etc.

I have vague memories of the incident of which you write, though. There must've been something he/we were pissed about or something.

One of my favorite onstage banter moments at Newtown Teen Center was when Pat told the kids, "hey, fuck up your school!"

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