Thursday, December 11, 2008

The New Circular Logo

The one on the right. Check it out.

Compared to the old:

It's funny, I was just thinking of that logo, and how much I've always liked it. It's like a bowl of strawberry ice cream. I saw recently that it debuted in '79. When I was three. I'm glad that they at least kept the socks the exact same, despite changing the lettering. I much prefer them to the older socks. It's kind of like the older, scarier Woody Woodpecker compared to the newer, more friendly one. Ah well, it had a good three-decade run. The 2009 edition looks a little like the old Pawtucket logo, the way the letters are a little thinner and all red. The best part: The "TM" is smaller!

Older, crazier, cackling, unpredictable Woody:

Newer, friendlier Woody:


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