Friday, December 19, 2008

My Two Pals

[Reminder: My mom and I will be signing copies of Dirty Water tomorrow, Saturday, from 11 to 1 at the Bookworm in West Hartford, CT.]

Jeter's "spontaneous" farewell speech won some bullcrap contest as moment of the year. In case you missed it, here's what I heard:

Last night I told you I watched John Quinn on TV in the 2004 World Series Film, which was playing on the MLB Channel's preview. It was on again just now, so this time I was ready with my camera. (Of course, I own the thing and could just pause it on the spot--but it was more fun to snap at random. I think I got a pretty good shot of him (in Sox home jersey).) Take a look:

2004 Moment of the year?

It's my moment of a lifetime. Thanks Jere!
Haha, no problem.
Great Moment:

That's from The Riviera;

All Of Us at Professor Thom's And The Hairy Monk, are at WAR with The Riviera
Jeter's Bullcrap Moment=Priceless with that Dub Job

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