Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Moon Circles

Weird shot of the moon I took a few nights ago. I'll post some more pics from the last few days later today.

Update, 2:21 AM: Check the comments for my take on the latest on Kiedis (Teixeira)--but also note that the new player jerseys are now available at the Yawkey Way Store. Do you see any Mike Lowell ones? Neither do I. Neither does Kiedis. (The MLB.com shop still only has the blank back jerseys for sale.)

Funny, an hour or two ago, I saw a Herald article about Teixeira. I had it open on my laptop, and Kim saw the headline, and asked if they signed the dude. I said, no, just the usual story with no new news. But apparently the fact that it noted that the Red Sox did make an offer to Kiedis made MLB.com pick up the non-story. So, I guess the non-news is that we have offered a contract to him. But no source exists. So basically nothing at all is new, because we've all just been assuming a contract has been offered, but in secret.

Media, unless you've got something to tell us, keep your mouths shut!
Jere, when there's a lack of baseball news, don't some of the media sources release non-news news? Sometimes it seems so. The Sox will have to get to $200 million to sign Teixeira, and they will. He wants the east coast, he wants a winner, and the Yankees are plain old out of moolah. That leaves one team, in my mind. The Angels can go back to heaven. Our chances are good.

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