Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Met Make Offer To Low

The New York Times says that according to people who have been briefed on the something or other, the Mets have offered a three-year, 36 million dollar deal to Derek Lowe.

Of course, this is the same paper that thinks it's "Linen 'n Things." (Though I have to say I'd missed the story of the last VHS tapes being shipped. That's sad.)

I thought Boston's move to acquire number four starter Brad Penny was a better move. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU, KIM and your families. The cats, too!
Met(s) Make Offer To(o) Low(e). I've read that super agent Scott Boras wants 5 years / $90 million. He is considerably more durable than Penny, is he not? Cats? Did he (Peter N) say cats? MLB and my cat (Satan) nestled in my lap and all is cool with the world. Bosnian.

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