Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Look What The Cash Dragged In

Yesterday I guessed maybe the NY media's fat jokes were keeping CC Sabathia away from the Yanks. But today, he's signed with them. The good news? Now WE get to makes fat jokes about that money-grubbing (money-eating?), family-hating lard-tub.

Congratulations, CC, you've just dropped to third place. But your grandchildren will never have to work a day in their lives. More time for them to EAT JUNK FOOD. (zing!)

Here's something no one else will mention: CC DeVille came from New York City, and sold out for the Hollywood glitz and glamour. CC Sabathia has now done it in reverse, leaving his west coast home to take the cash in NYC. CoinCidenCe???

[Oh, and casual baseball fan brainwashed-types, I know what you're gonna say: "Red Sox, Yanks, money, it's all the same, my co-worker told me, heard it from "the internet."" Take a look at the numbers, and realize just how far ahead of all the other teams the Yanks are payroll-wise. (And then laugh even harder at their third place finish.) The fact that I had a very smart person tell me the Red Sox were "second only to the Yanks" (when the Tigers and Mets both had a bigger payroll than the Red Sox in 2008) means the DUMB people definitely don't know the truth.]


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