Sunday, December 07, 2008


Picture taken by me within the last three baseball seasons. Who is this man?

Update: pweezil got it--Clay Buchholz while at Pawtucket this past season, June '08, wearing 19:

Further proof it was him (for the non-believers) is in this shot I posted at the time.

Josh Beckett my friend

Thanks, Alec
Josh Pecker?
It is neither Josh Beckett, my friend, nor Josh Pecker.
Jason Johnson
No Pedroia, no Johnson.
Dustan Mohr?
Fred Lynn?
Ron Jackson?
John Olerud
Not Mohr, Lynn, Jackson, or Olerud.
Clay Buchholtz
Gabe Kapler?
It's not Kapler.

But it IS Clay Buchholz!

At Pawtucket in '08, wearing 19. Nice job, pweezil!
That was a tricky one, so I gave 0.1 to anybody who guessed, and the other 5.4 to pweezil.

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