Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Kwiz Nine's Afraid, Cuz Kwizzate Seven

First of all, TJ by me for forgetting to do the seventh Kwiz and skipping to the eighth. So this one is the eighth one of the season out of 20. Dan's in the lead, but it's still anyone's game. Standings here.

Okay, this is a good one. I hold on my lap a TV Guide from the week I turned five years old. At the moment I turned five, nine shows were running on TV in Rhode Island's viewing area. Name any of those shows. I won't tell you the time of day or the year, though I have said what year I was born before. Oh, and you can't say "movie" or "football" or "sports." It has to be the specific show, movie, or game. The channels were the usual network ones, some independents, including some Boston stations, plus ESPN, and HBO. Good luck.

Update: I found the station key--Providence actually got a bunch of CT stations, too, and and 9 and 11 out of NYC, though those two are listed as "Cable-TV Stations."

Different Strokes.....
Magnum P.I.?
No, no, no
General Hospital?
As The World Turns.
Ah, the soap idea. No and no.
Hollywood Squares
No Squares
Dukes of Hazzard?
No Dukes
Red Sox vs Cleveland
60 Minutes
no and no
Dallas Cowboys vs. Washington Redskins
Happy Days
No and no
Tonight Show
WKRP in Cincinnati
no and no.

I gotta believe somebody's gonna stumble onto one before I give a clue...
The New Price Is Right
The Today Show, Captain Kangaroo, Good Morning America, Sesame Street...
Facts of Life?
Mork and Mindy?
No on TPIR, no on Facts of Life.

Ryan, however, is onto something. Now, since the rule is one answer at a time, I could call him for a violation, but since three of his answers are right, he obviously knows the answer. And let's say I only approved his first answer. He'd still be right, and then he'd be right again, and again. It is the Today Show, Captain Kangaroo, and GMA. The PBS station seemed to be off the air overnight, though, with no show until 8:45.

I was born at 8:05 AM, so that's the time slot. (CK started at 8, the other two started early but were long programs, still running at 8:05.

So, I will give Ryan most of the credit, but I will give some other credit.

Mike and 9casey and Wichita and Kara and jcal76 will get 0.1. Pweezil will get 0.5 since the Red Sox and Indians did play that night, and Dal-Wash football was played that week--he obviously knew the week. This was Sept 6-12, 1980, by the way, with my birthday/time being on the Monday morning.

That leaves 5.0 for Ryan. So, Ryan--I'm curious, did you have the same TV GUide? If so, where's this Sesame Street coming from? If not, did you just guess morning shows?
The Mork and Mindy comment came through while I was writing. That's incorrect, too.

Other shows on at the time: Tom and Jerry, Josie and the Pussycats, Gilligan's Island (I thought someone would say that--or I Love Lucy), Star Blazers, PTL Club, College Soccer: Southern Illinois vs Boston College, film: Swingin' Summer."
Unlike Frank Costanza, I do not collect TV Guides. With a quick search of your blog, I got the time, and it was easy to find out which network "morning shows" were on then. Sesame street was a wild guess that I immediately regretted throwing in there. It just seemed plausible.
I was wondering if I'd mentioned the 8:05 birth before here.....

I guess since I said there were 9 answers it avoids any protests. From now on if I say there are multiple answers I should specify if people are allowed to say up to that many answer per guess.

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