Tuesday, December 23, 2008


So ol' Tex decides to join Hitler Youth. Can't wait to see that fuckstick at Fenway next year. You know who I was rooting for in all this? The Orioles! We've got our infield set--I was kinda hoping he'd go to his hometown team and maybe between the four of us, we could put the Yanks into fifth place. In the meantime, we'll see how their attempt to "buy second place" goes. This makes their lineup better, but it's still not better than ours. The whole key is their pitching--if those two new dudes become some kind of co-ace, they'll be tough to beat, but I'm not too worried about those third place losers.

I was shalshocked yesterday...I'm better now. Jere, do you think the Sox will add an arm (Lowe?) to give the young guys more time? I don't know. And I so hope Mike Lowell comes back feeling better than he did all of last season. I like our infield just fine, but we could have used a bat like Teixeira's. He wanted to be a Yankee the whole damn time. Schmuck. Schlamiel.
"A.J. Burden in My Hand" will likely be a popular blog post title this season. Just my .02

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