Monday, December 29, 2008

It's All About The Fans

"The Red Sox have 7 legit offensive players? Other than Pedroia and Bay, who are we talking about here?", said the commenter who feels I won't post his "intelligent opinions." He goes on to tell me exactly what will happen to each Red Sox hitter in 2009. He claims the team has two solid hitters, but that nobody fears them anyway. Again, in Yankee fans' minds, they've already won. Which is what makes is extra-sweet whenever they don't. You're right, commenter, I won't be posting your "intelligent" thoughts (or cheap shots--to answer your question, No, nobody reads this blog. Except the people who continually tell me how shitty it is, yet seem to be here all day and night.)

(These are the same people who insisted that Hughes and Kennedy would lead the Yanks to the 2008 World Series, with Shelley Duncan the AL MVP--to the point where they were basically making fun of our team while declaring themselves champions of the next ten years. Yankee fans, you should know more than anyone that you actually have to win before you can brag.)

Great stuff, Jere. What's your new pic in the "about me" section? I know it ain't you! Is that Mike L? Just kidding, Michael...
That's one of our two cats. Usually you see the orange one here, because pics of this one don't always come out.
26 world championships wats good mother fuckers!
Wow, he actually spelled his own name wrong.
Jere, once I clicked on the pic, I realized it was one of your wonderful little ones. Great eyes, too. I'm fond of your other one, the "big guy," because he reminds me so much of my guys, who are always missed. Every minute of every day. Happy New Years.

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