Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I CC Food, I EatEat It

Maybe one of the reasons CC Sabathia is hesitant to play in New York is their media. The guy goes in for talks with the Yanks, and next day's back cover of the Daily News contains three fat jokes alone! Four if you count the fact that the picture of him is a side view. The headline is "Back For Seconds," and the sub-headline is "Hungry for more talks, CC sits down with Yanks again." I don't get it, are they trying to keep him out? Who do they think they are, the Boston media?

It sure is an odd way of wooing someone: "Hey, come over here with us! Oh, you're fat? We got LOTS of food here! You'll love it! That is what FAT people like to do right? Eat a lot? Come take a BITE--you know what I'm talkin' about, wink wink--of the BIG apple. Most people don't know it's chocolate covered. We've also got BIG Ring Dings and BIG tubs of pudding, which we know you'd love to swim in--it's okay, we can refill them when you eat your way to the bottom...."


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