Sunday, December 14, 2008


Kim and I were on Myrtle Ave. in Brooklyn yesterday, and we laughed when we saw this. Yes, it's "A-Rod Grocery." While trying to find the spot on G-maps, I noticed this, just down the street. Tejada's Grocery! How'd we miss that?

(I didn't use the street view on the first one since it's night and you really can't read the sign. A-Rod choked when it came to getting lit signage. Isn't that weird, though? Night street views?)

I should point out that the reason we were there was to stop by Kim's friend's flower/garden shop, "Root, Stock & Quade." If you live in NYC, check out the website and if you need that kind of thing, you can know you'll be supporting a Red Sox fan!

Still great seats available, by the way. You can get four together, front row of the bleachers, for 10/1. For the hell of it, I checked one of the slimeball scalper sites, and seats 15 rows behind those are going for 140 dollars each. The cheapest bleacher seats on there are over 40 bucks. And with those sites, the fees are even worse than the Red Sox charge. That's pretty crazy, that somebody is gonna buy those 140s. Around 600 dollars for something worth about 100, which can be had at face value right now for anyone paying attention.


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