Saturday, December 13, 2008

Great Time For The UB Trick

If you want to see a game with someone, or even a few people, and you don't mind standing room, go now to the site and pick your April/May game. But wait! Don't pay $20 per ticket when you can pay 12. Just select one upper bleacher ticket, then "add another game," go to the same game, select one upper bleacher again, and so on. You'll end up with as many $12 upper bleacher seats as you want, and instead of sitting in those seats, go to the standing room--the exact same areas you can go to if you have a 20-dollar "standing room only" ticket. But do it quick, before all the 12-dollar seats are gone. (If you want to go upstairs to the pavilion standing room, you have to pay the $25. If you've never done it, I recommend it.)

I just capped off the day with some single seats--I got a front row, center field bleacher seat for one game, and for another, I got a really cool seat. Last section in bleachers toward right field, last row, last seat on the edge of the alley between bleachers and grandstand. So if you look at the bleachers, it's literally the seat at the top right corner. I don't know about you, but if you're gonna be in the last few rows of the bleachers, it may as well be THE last row, so no one's behind you, and you can stand up whenever, look out over the fence behind you at the city between innings, stand on your seat, etc.

I accomplished what I set out to do, considering this was an NYC weekend for Kim and I. I got my Sox Pax, we had a great day in the city, saw two shooting stars and a crazy big, yellow, low moon on the drive back to the Connecticut halfway point, and then I got the rest of my single seats at the end of the night. If you got your tix today, give yourself a pat on the ass, too, because some people have no idea when they go on sale, or just don't think about it until April, and some people assume you "can't get tickets" and just wait till the season starts and pay 60 dollars for the same seats you and I just bought for 12 bucks.

A cool thing* about placing an order at 11 AM and another at midnight is looking at your order numbers to see how many orders have been placed over that span of time. In that 13 hour stretch on day one, approximately 60,000 internet orders went through.

*if you're easily amused and obsessed with tickets

I would have completely forgotten about soxmas if not for your blog. Thanks.

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