Monday, December 15, 2008

Get Yourself Down To The Triple Rock...

Go to Fenway right now! If you want lots and lots of junk, that is. It's day two of the "Yard Sale." Goes until 7 PM tonight. I just came back from there and got some great stuff. I'll make a video and add it to this post soon.

Okay, here it is:

It was funny seeing how all the stuff was marked down. Prices crossed out left and right. I feel bad for anybody who bought stuff at much higher prices over the weekend--of course, they also had the first shot at the best stuff. One cool thing they did was put a whole bunch of game-used jerseys in bags and put them on sale for 75 bucks each. But you couldn't see into the bags, so you don't know what player you're getting. I almost wanted to wait around until they dropped the price again, but I took off with my bat and my bag and my speaker. Oh, and it was a warm, windy day--good for line-standin'. The whole thing took place inside Gate E. And I got a free spot right on Yawkey Way. It's such a different story parking-wise when it's not a game day.

And if I didn't make it clear above, anyone can go. You don't need to win the opportunity.

I was there around 5:30 or 6:00 and 'mystery jerseys' were still $75.00. By then they were selling the signs for the sale itself. It was oddly self-referential: the sign by the table of ballpark signs that said "Ballpark Signs" had a price tag on it.

I was one of those people going through piles o' bricks, but at the same time, I was wondering what the selection criteria is. Then I found one with some green on it, really embedded in it so it wouldn't flake off, with some concrete stuck to it too - so it was one of those "I'll know it when I see it" things.
Oh, and at one point, Larry Lucchino held a door for me and I thanked him. As much as that's not really anything...c'mon, it's kind of cool.
I guess I was there way too early for LL.

Re: the bricks: yeah, I'm sure an outside observer would've described me looking through bricks the same way I described others....
It was nice to meet you at the yard sale!
You too! Hope you got some good stuff....

If you've got a blog on livejournal or something I can link to it.

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