Friday, December 19, 2008

First Outside Inside Last

What did John Henry mean by "not a factor"? Jon Heyman says it just means the Sox are not a factor in the bidding war, not that we're not a factor in getting Teixeira--which is what a lot of people are assuming.

In other words, we told Boras our offer, he grinned a black-toothed grin and said, Well, there are other offers that are higher, and we said, "Screw you, guy, we're going home. Let us know if he accepts our offer."

I love that they're standing up to Boras. Some people try to defend him, but then, some people defend Steinbrenner.

We've got a kwiz going on...

Rael Torres, on, mounted something of a defense of Boras, basically pointing out that, like Claude Lemieux or Jonathan Papelbon, you have a lot less problem with him if he's on your side.
I wouldn't want an unethical guy on my side. I guess if all a person cared about was money, of course they'd go with the guy that gets the most of it for them. Fortunately some people aren't like that.

As for Papelbon, he's a fun-lovin', dancin' nutcase, I'm sure he's got plenty of neutral fans on his side.

As for the hockey guy, I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. Except that he plays hockey. And he either is or isn't related to Mario.

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