Monday, December 22, 2008

Finally, The Ultimate Victory

The bookstore that fired me ten years ago finally gets the book I wrote in stock! Haha!

Doesn't quite top when a fired co-worker of mine at the same store returned in poster form, his mug plastered right on the desk he used to work behind after his band got signed.

Living well is the best revenge!

Congrats, Jere!
Indeed, as Q said, living well is the best revenge! Congrats, Jere, on this delicious instalment of Life's Little Ironies.

And have a Merry Christmas. I have enjoyed your blog for quite a spell now, and I hope you'll keep it going.
Thanks, guys.

I'm pretty sure this blog will last for the rest of my life, as I have enough pictures, videos, etc, to last a really long time, and I'll always have something to say about the Red Sox. And everything else.

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