Friday, December 05, 2008

Evens & Beginnings

Reminder: Mom and I at Kate's in Cambridge tonight at 6:30. Info here.

And nice job by my mom with this letter to the editor.

Next time I go to Guatemala, I'm totally staying here. Think I could get a discount?

Speaking of hotels, I've been saying for years how unprotected they are. I've walked into a thousand hotels in my life, and nobody has ever tried to stop me, ask me if I was a guest, etc. In the wake of the India terror attacks, people are finally starting to wonder if hotels are safe enough. Now, granted, I kinda like that I can go into a hotel and just screw around without anybody saying anything, but I'd be okay with them stepping up the security a little. Not in an "everybody buy duct tape" kind of way, just a general upgrade in hotel security in major cities everywhere.

Looks like OJ is going to jail for a while. Did I ever tell you about how I missed the white Bronco chase? I taped everything that happened on TV between like '88 and '99, but I completely missed that event. I was in Middletown, NY. My friend Trevor had gotten tickets to the Danzig/Metallica/Suicidal Tendencies show that night. By the way, TERRIBLE job by Metallica for doing freakin' medlies that night, as I'm sure they still do today. God, did they get crappy....

I've never really thought about the hotel thing before. But you're totally right. I think everyone has had some experience where you think, "Wow that was surprisingly easy" when you're sneaking into someone's room or you are staying in a room but just snuck in 15 people to sleep on the floor. On the other side, there's the times where you hear/smell things going on where you can't sleep because you know the fire alarm is going to go off or your room is about to anointed 420 style or you are certain you're going to wake up to a stolen car in the parking lot. It doesn't even matter how nice the hotel. I stayed in a super fancy hotel in Seattle and was bugged out all night over insanity. I also got all bugged out in DC at a rat chain hotel for truckers. Oh well.

Bed and breakfasts are safer in that way usually. They know who the hell is coming and going.
Yeah, another good reason to stay at B&Bs.

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