Monday, December 22, 2008


Harvey Araton wrote a piece about the Yankee fan's pros and cons of having Manny on your team, which is kind of similar to the piece I wrote about it from the Red Sox fan's point of view.

Speaking of that, the Trade Rumors site says Manny is actually close to signing with the face of all that is evil and soulless in the universe--but the source is one which often gets things wrong.

I tend not to "report" on any rumors unless something is actually happening, but, since I was talkin' 'bout Manny I figure I should point that one out. [Update, the next day: Cashman says it's not true--another media report shot down. Keep telling lies, sports media, then make fun of bloggers, but use all our ideas....]

The other "big news" today was that the Angels, like us, pretended to pull out of the Teixeira sweepstakes. All I can think of is that Steve Martin routine where he's in a diving competition and he screws up and gets bad scores, so he pretends like he's drowning, and all the judges feel bad and raise their scores, leading all the other competitors to jump in the pool and pretend they're drowning, too: "Look, Tex, we're out too! Pick us!"

This Teixeira drama is getting very Twilight Zone-like. What's next? I know...just sign with the Red Sox and end all this, Mark.

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