Thursday, December 18, 2008

Citi Games Update

I was beginning to wonder if the Sox' April preseason games at Citi Field (Shea-New) were going to happen--the Mets haven't made an announcement, and neither team lists the games on their schedule. (The games have been for sale on scalper sites for a long time, though.) So I called the Mets' ticket office, and asked not if but when those games would go on sale. The guy said it would be March-ish, as opposed to "what games?", so there you have it.

But just now I saw that the Mets have put out a press release. (Note that it says tickets will be released in the "weeks ahead." Whenever they're released, I plan on getting some.) So, do you think they were waiting for my call? "Quick, announce it, they know already!"

I wonder if 2 of the Charities in the press release, are for The Citigroup Bailout Fund and The Wilpon-Katz Bailout From Madoff Fund?

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