Monday, December 01, 2008

Cinco Ocho

It's 58 degrees in Providence on December 1st. Nice. To celebrate New Month's Day, here are some pictures of two soda cans I bought yesterday:

Graf's Cola must've been based in Milwaukee. Here's their can celebrating the '75 All-Star Game--aka the last ASG before I was born.

I was gonna make a joke about the artwork where it says "Milwaukee Brewers," but then I realized that was their actual logo, as seen here. Barrel Man!

Okay, this is a separate can (Graf's root beer), celebrating The Good Land's "Summerfest '75." They had everything, from (faceless) family fun, to country western, to jazz, to my favorite, "rock."

And here's Amazing Larry attacking a snake.

Note: I ended up looking up Graf's because I could. Here's an old ad of theirs. Check around YT for others. "Everyone's goin'...with Graf's." Turns out I was pronouncing it wrong in my head.


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