Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bridge It, Bard! Oh!

Josh Bard didn't play too many games for the Sox when he was here in 2006. I only got a few pictures of him, including this one:

Didn't have the greatest digital camera back then...or was that a video still? Don't remember. Anyway, if Varitek doesn't come back (I've thought all along he pretty much has to), I guess you could go with Bard as your starter. Wouldn't that be funny--he couldn't handle the knuckler, and he comes back to handle everything but the knuckler, assuming they get a back up for him who catches Wake. I don't think it'll happen that way, though.

Haven't seen much of "Brady" Penny, as the Globe calls him, other than the '03 playoffs, and I don't think I've ever seen him in person. While he is the only Penny in MLB history, there was a guy on the Pirates in the early 90s named William Nathaniel Pennyfeather. True story, mom.*

*Remember when I jokingly posted a picture of a plaid vest with a Sox logo on it, saying it was the new uniform? My mom believed that--but she had a fairly good excuse! She saw Jim Rice on TV modeling the new uniform that day, and he opened it to reveal a red vest. Having just seen me post a picture of one saying it was the new uniform, she figured it really had to be true.... I thought that was hilarious that I actually fooled someone, but I did have an accomplice in Jim Rice.


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