Saturday, December 27, 2008

Brian Finally Puts His Movies Online

You know how I make movies and stuff? Well, my friend Brian makes better ones. He's finally started to put the ones he's made over the years onto GooTube. Here's the link to his channel. You can look for me in them, too. I'm the driver of the bear in the Bearabus movie, and the guy who battles zombies with hedge clippers in Punk Rock Zombies.

Possibly my favorite one is the one below, "Godzilla Gets Pissed," a preview for a non-existent Godzilla film. I play the Army general--no, that's not a fake beard, I actually grew that thing. Like nearly any look you ever have, you don't realize what it truly looked like until you see pictures later. Enjoy:

I gotta figure he'll add more eventually. When he puts up the movie he made about the Army, I'll put up my companion piece to it, which was kind of like a "making of" video.

That was fun! The guy who did the narration is that what he does professionally? I'm glad you lost the beard, too. I used to be a film editor in my senior year at high school. My brother shot a 20 minute short that the school showed to families of futue students on a state of the art 16mm Haselback motion picture camera. I might not have spelled that correctly, but boy, it was amazing. My brother used to take pictures for SI. I set up my editing and splicing stuff downstairs in the basement on the ping-pong table and put the various shots together. Those were different days, celluloid days, but just seeing the final product on the school's screen in front of many people, all 22 minutes of it, was worth it. I was a happy guy that day.
I hope your weekend is a great one...Sunday already! Hi to Kim.
Cool--the old school way is the way to go. Tell me more about these SI photos!

Our friend Austin did the narration. (He's also the guy in the movie who dies the glasses off-and-on thing.) He doesn't do it professionally, he's just really funny and good at stuff like that.
"You'd have to be a complete asshole to miss this movie."


Great movie, Jere. Congrats to your friend Brian.
Yeah, that's my favorite narrator line I think.
My brother used to take pictures, four of which were in SI. I don't remember when...the70s for sure. They were all of Porsche racing cars in action, and he (Bobby, my brother) was incredible. In fact, the local Porsche dealer in East Hartford had posters of his pictures all over the walls of their Porsche showoom. And I was proud.
P.S. Splicing film together isn't easy, but when the product is finished, it's such a great feeling.

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