Saturday, December 20, 2008


Kim and I drove for 2.5 hours on inexplicably un-plowed streets so I could sign some books today. That Providence to Hartford trip is pretty crappy even without snow. Growing up in Western Connecticut, it didn't mean much to me (if I even realized it) that there was no interstate connection between the capital of my state and the capital of the neighboring one. But now that I'm in Providence, and I go to Hartford occasionally, I kinda wish we had something better than what exists now, part of which is named after the act of killing oneself.

Route 84 was supposed to extend out to here from Hartford, but they killed the project. Read all about it here.

Anyway, we still had a great time, my mom and I meeting some nice folks--we always meet people who are either related to us or know someone on my mom's side of the family since that's her home turf. Got to hang out with my friend Brian, and I also met a fellow commenter from the great Cardboard Gods site.

I'm sorry I missed you, Mom and Kim. I know exactly where the Bookworm is and I hope you ran into Briccos for a quick bite. It's just a block away on LaSalle Rd. The Providence to Hartford drive is an annoying one...we used to have a second manufacturing plant in RI. Two lanes, two lanes only. WITHOUT snow, the drive still sucked.
I'm glad your trip was a safe one and I hope Kim sold some soap!
It was worth getting out of the house on a crappy weekend to go to the Bookworm.

PS - is an EWK fave. Not only am I a baseball nut, but I am a roadgeek.

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