Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Actual Dollar Bills Now Playing For Yanks?

No, cash itself won't be on the field in the Yanks' organization, just another one of our castoffs, Kevin Cash.

The "All Players who Won with the Red Sox and then Went to the Losing Side" Team:

C: Cash
1B: Mienkaeieaveiaeivieich
2B: Bellhorn
OF: Damon
P: Embree
P: Mendoza (went to Yanks after getting an '04 ring, even though he was with them before us)
P: Myers

You just aren't taking the right ones anymore, losers!

Clearly though, there are degrees of betrayal here. I don't think many of us hold it against guys like Cash, Bellhorn, Embree, Myers, and Mendoza for going to the chokers when the Sox weren't willing to keep them and the MFY were the only ones willing to pay for their services. Damon is another story. Do you remember if Embree and Myers heard boos when they first came back?
I was more making fun of the Yanks themselves for continuing their attempt at being us, i.e. copying the winning side. (I also corrected a key error I made in that last line that may have made it confusing.)

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