Saturday, December 13, 2008

11:11 Update

Okay, I got the Sox Pax (singular) I wanted. Took a long time, though.

It's funny how every year there's a chance you make some new mistake. This year, I noticed one of my windows' url changed from "Virtual Waiting Room" to something else starting with "http....". I clicked on it, but it was still a VWR screen. So I clicked away and kept waiting. Fifteen minutes later I checked that window again, and it was the ticketing screen. What probably happened was that when I clicked on it, I was already in, but it was stuck for a second or two on the old screen--had I waited a few seconds, I probably could have gotten in sooner, but, oh well, at least I got the pack I wanted.

They finally gave the 11:00 update, and said no packs or games are sold out. I can't explain that one. Also, I saw where they offered standing room in the "new" right field roof boxes. Looks like those will be 30 dollar seats.

Last season, they put September games on sale later in the day--watch for that today.

I just got a great comment, which I didn't post. It said "Your a jack off". Again, proving my theory about these people. They just can't figure out that the contraction of "you are" is "you're." It's really amazing how consistent they are about it. I mean, this is standard English. I got horrible grades in English class, but I learned the basic contractions in first grade.

Glad you got your tix. If someone is going to get in before me, I'm happy it's a fellow "real fan". I'm always worrying it's all scalpers. But hold on - a long time? At 11:11? Or is that pm?

I wanted the Opening Day pack, which was "limited availability" as of the 1:00 update, and "sold out" as of the 3:00 update. But since I hadn't gotten through yet, I hung in there until 5:30 when I finally got in. The only seating category was OF GS, so I tried 3 seats. That was too many, so I tried 2. Then it kept giving me the "completely sold out" message without any seating categories. I was horrified. Why didn't I just start with 1 when I had the chance?

But I stuck with it. Finally at 6:30, I got through again. And this time I was able to get 3 seats in the bleachers. I'm psyched - totally worth the 8.5-hour effort!

Got a Sept. game on Sunday too with only a 2-hour wait.

But the best part is we don't have to go through this again until January!
"a long time? At 11:11? Or is that pm?"

It's AM. Me and my ticketing buddy savethejellyfish have become such experts that we both assumed we'd be through at like 10:10. We couldn't believe it when we'd BOTH gone the first hour without a bite. So, I guess with that mindset, getting through at 11:05ish feels like a long time.

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