Thursday, December 04, 2008

10 (+ Plenty More) In 2010 (- 1)

I'm psyched for '09. And today, I got the envelope. The one that allows me to renew my 10-game plan, and, more importantly, tells me which games I'll be seeing as part of that plan. Every year it's two Yankee games, an interleague game, and the chance to buy a playoff game. The rest of it's always pretty predictable, heavy on April and September, with one game in each month from May to August. The big question is always which interleague team we'll get. This year, it'll be the Marlins.

I started thinking, Have I ever seen the Marlins in person? I didn't think so, but I still searched for the post I did about which Major League teams I've yet to see in person. Found it. I wrote it before last season, and mentioned I'd be seeing the D-backs, one of the three I hadn't yet seen. I did do that in '08, and the Marlins were another on that list, along with the Nationals. So after this season I'll just need the Nats. Unless I go down to DC to see the Sox play, which I might.

Looking back at that post, I seemed pretty sure about the Brewers thing, but now I don't know--I need to look at my ticket stubs. If I have seen them, then after this season, I can say I've seen every franchise, since I saw the Expos.

Now I gotta work on getting to every stadium. I think I'm at 14 or something.

you definitely need to come to DC for the Sox...
Did I completely miss the Bad Religion reference in this post's title? Jeez...TJ, Me
No you got it. In your second comment.

I liked that Gray album when it came out. No one else seemed to care that it existed.
"The Gray Race" is definitely an unappreciated record; "Come Join Us" may be in my all-time BR top ten, and "10 in 2010," and "Cease" are classics as well. Greg Graffin included a slow, piano only version of "Cease" on his first solo record which is interesting because apparently he writes tons of their music on piano, so it was like hearing the song as it must have originally sounded to him. Either way, on the heals of "Recipe for Hate," which I thought was mediocre, "TGR" was a pleasant surprise...
That was American Lesion, right? I remember getting that and listening to Skyscraper over and over.

Was there really no record between RFH and TGR? I think of RFH as being early 90s and TGR as being late 90s. But maybe more like '93 and '96.... either way, I really liked RFH.
Twas "American Lesion"...and yes, no album between RFH and TGR...RFH kinda lost me, aside from the title track...too slow, too much Eddie Vedder...weird to think that BR opened for Pearl Jam on one tour...
I guess it was a little slow. Like Heavy Petting Zoo. But I really liked the songs--I liked the one with the female singer too.

I think maybe it worked for me because it had a depressing element and I was in the early 20s depressed mode a little bit. "My Poor Friend Me"? Perfect.
I'll bet you wore angst like a beat-up old Sox cap...a little scruffy and off to the side, but ever present...
Again, perfect.

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