Sunday, November 16, 2008

Your Call

We've got a great Kwiz going on! Give it a shot.

Now listen to the type of call we get several times a day. These companies have people reading from a script, but the script includes "um" and "uh" to make you think they're just casually talking to you. "Oh, I just happened to have come across your account and uh, we could uh, help reduce your credit card debt...."

The first time we got the call, we thought maybe they really did have our "account," but when we called back, they admitted they have nothing. I hate when people lie. But I'm way more offended at how they insult our intelligence with their "um..." crap. It's a different person reading from a different "uh"-filled script every time, but "Cindy" was the worst at making it sound natural....

I think your sigh at the end, though barely audible, really sums up the frustration most people feel about these kinds of calls.
'Cindy' called me as well on Saturday morny. THAT WHORE.

Sometimes I get the people that kinda cough and say, "Excuse me" in the middle of their recorded spiel.

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