Saturday, November 08, 2008


I've mentioned before how I have a lot of ideas that just swirl around my head and go nowhere, only to have someone else go through with a similar idea, be a great success, and shatter my dreams. Recently, I had the idea of asking readers if they'd help me buy a minor league baseball team. Everyone could put in 10 bucks or something. I thought of it that way, or the other option of having fewer people but greater contributions. If I could just get 100 rich people to pitch in 10 grand each, we could really have something. And we'd all get to decide on the team colors and name and all that fun stuff. I'd be president, the biggest contributor would be CEO, and right down the line to the smallest contributors being traveling secretaries. I even got excited when I found out about the site we were using to raise money for a commenter's wife's chemo bills--it allowed people to donate money to a cause, and if the goal isn't reached, no one has to pay.

Tonight, I finish watching Real Time with Bill Maher, and I flip on the inty before bed. And what do I see on the FRONT PAGE of the New York Times site as the LEAD STORY? A bunch of people who bought a soccer team, each paying 60 bucks and getting to vote on team decisions, and the internet mastermind who started it all. This has to be a joke on me, right? I've always kind of thought, since I was little, that I was some experiment where everyone's watching me and messing with me--and even THAT idea was done before I could use it, with The Truman Show and that other similar movie....

The good news: 1. The soccer idea clearly started before I came up with mine, so if I'd actually put it out there, someone would've told me, Hey, this is already being done. 2. Always a good sign when one of your ideas is proven to work.

I guess we could still do it. So...does oh forget it, I'd just feel like all those pathetic people who tried to make a million bucks AFTER the first guy did it, by having a million people spend 1 dollar each for an ad on a website. Nope, too late. Idea taken.


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