Wednesday, November 05, 2008

TV Party

I check we move to canada at least daily, and last night I noticed Laura was (kinda) live-blogging the election. Laura, being Allan's partner, is naturally part of the Joy of Sox community, which is where I go for game threads most nights of the baseball season (join us in '09!). So I started noticing other JoS-ers on there. It was like a political game-thread. (I finally left only because they were giving results a little ahead of the TV channel Kim and I were watching....just like in baseball gamthreads when one person's TV or radio or internet is ahead, and plays are given away before you see them at home! I thought that was pretty funny--and I did get to chat with them a little before signing off.)

And here's the podcast my mom and I did yesterday with Henry Delangelo on his show, "HDTV." Remember, all the Dirty Water news is at


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