Saturday, November 15, 2008


Did you know there's a tornado watch covering the entire area, from Hartford to Providence to Boston? It makes sense, as it was almost 70 today, and now the cold's gonna meet the hot like a McDLT.

Update: I said the temp "was" almost 70, but now, at 8 PM, it's going up again. 68 here, 70 in Boston. At night in mid-November. Nice. Now we're off to dinner--no jacket!

Tornado watch here in D.C., too...

McDLT...goddamn. With the funny two sided styrofoam container...

They need to bring that back, along with the Shamrock Shake...
My dad and I were HUGE fans of the Shamrock Shake. We really looked forward to that "once a year" treat.
Last I saw there was that tornado watch that covered Albany and went over to Pittsfield...

But the funny part is at 10:30 PM (!!!) it's 63° here in Portsmouth, 57° way up in the barren north of Caribou, Maine... 66° Manchester, 68° Nashua, 68° Boston, 67° Providence...

But it's 41° in Buffalo, 37° in Pittsburgh, 46° in Roanoke, VA, 39° in Asheville, North Carolina! 52° in Florence, SC... It's warmer here than Myrtle Beach! And it's 42°... in ATLANTA.

And oh, by the way... Providence, Nashua, Boston... Warmer than TAMPA, where it's 66°.

These things happen every year but it's still cool.
I gotta remember to do more weather posts so I get more ish comments.

I always wondered what the D meant in McDLT. I was always like, "Dacon, Lettuce, and Tomato?" It was years before I realized the D just meant Donald's.

Kim, that sounds like a good memory. I don't have too much of a memory of the Shamrock. Could it be we didn't get it where I lived? I definitely remember plenty of McDonlad's TV ads with small writing at the bottom saying "not available in Fairfield County." But I think those were the sale deals because they figured we were all rich (not all of us were!) and didn't need any discounts.
They're wearing coats with fur hoods in the crowd at the BC-Florida State game! In Florida. Ha. (But I feel bad for the BC team who were probably looking forward to a Florida trip in November. Only to get there and see it's cold there but warm back home on that exact day.)
Just a follow up report. The cold front passed the north central Connecticut area on its way east a little after 4am...the temp has dropped from 67 when I awoke at 5am (yes, I did!) and is now 45.4 degrees F. Welcome back to the second half of November.
Have a great Sunday!

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