Monday, November 24, 2008

That Time Of Year Again. Also, Varitek Stuff.

Candaian Blog Awards! Remember, your favorite Red Sox blog, Joy of Sox, is based in Canada, and is therefore eligible...and is therefore the best sports blog in Canada. So vote here for Joy of Sox. One vote per person, but, of course, I, as sort of a rogue campaign manager, am always looking for loopholes. The extent of my hacking knowledge is "try a different browser," and that wouldn't let me vote again. So try to get in as many votes as you can--if you discover a loophole, send me a private e-mail or a coded comment. In the meantime, vote from your computer, and then start voting from any other computer you can find. Vote from your phone, too, if you can.

Hey, what if someone were to go to the store and start testing out phones or Blackberries or whatever--and while pretending to "try it out," they could be going to that site and voting over and over? Stuff like that. You can also vote for We Move to Canada in several categories including Best Progressive Blog.

Supposedly, Jason Varitek's been offered* a one-year deal from the Sox. This is what I wanted--him offered a short-term deal, which he immediately realizes is what he deserves since he's older, and he gladly accepts it, knowing that hitting does count and therefore...well, you get the idea. The point is, I think this is the year Boras ends up offing himself or something because he'll see that nobody's buying his crap or his players anymore. I mean, he's pretty much doing what a "smart businessman" would do, just keep raising prices till people stop buying. But come on, don't be a dick. Eventually you start believing you're own hype when you're telling the buyer that it would be an insult to give Stan Papi less than a ten year, one trillion dollar contract.

*Update: Notice I said "supposedly"? Sure enough, Boras comes out and says the report --it was by WEEI, the worst radio station to ever exist--is bullshit. I guess either side could be lying--I don't know who to root for, or against, in this situation! Boras vs. EEI, it's like a Yankees-Cowboys Super Series! By the way, did you hear the Yanks and Cowboys have teamed up to make one giant refriger-hater?


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