Saturday, November 15, 2008


I'm lookin' for some structure around here. No, this blog won't join the Army with Harold Ramis, but I almost feel like now that I have several project-type things going at once, I should have their installments occur on a specific day of the week. Remember when I discovered Lileks? And I was inspired by his weird pieces of Americana he'd post on a specific day each week? Well, yeah, something like that.

I've got the Smiths of Baseball project which will take decades to complete at the rate I'm going. Then I've got the ballpark footprints that I started out of nowhere. Then--oh my lord, Kim must've made some kind of bubblegum bath powder because suddenly the room smells like a stick of Bazooka gum. Ah, Little League concession stand memories. Anyway, so I've got those, plus stuff like the '80 WS program, like, galleries of pics I take of old publications. Plus my usual photo galleries and retro-galleries. And movies.....

Look, I better think about this. If I don't end up doing anything different, just forget I said anything.

Still looking for an answer to the fifth Kwiz. All it takes is a random guess of any baseball player who was ever in a World Series. Give it a shot.


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