Sunday, November 23, 2008

_______ Stadium

Stadium naming rights has to stop. Why don't all the teams just make an agreement that nobody's gonna do it? The latest issue with this is the fact that the Mets's new park, Citi Field, might never have a game played in it under that name, as CitiCorp is rapidly going to shit. (Citi happens to be my bank--I'm hoping their misfortune leads to my gain somehow.) I can't imagine having my team's park's name changed every five minutes. Weren't we warned about this in "We Built This City"?

Free Image hosting by ImageSnapCommenter HorshamScouse has grabbed a shot of me (gray jersey, black sleeves, camera around neck) and my mom at ALCS Game 3. Thanks! Click thumbnail for larger pic. I love how the super-rich people in the two rows ahead of me with their fancy tray of strawberries and cookies didn't get in that shot. Just me, my mom, and the drunken guys behind us.

My dad was telling me about a commercial he heard earlier this morning on a local radio station about a contest to win tickets to the final football game of the year, for the championship! They weren't allowed to say the SuperBowl.
Oh yeah, that's big. I've recently told Kim about this exact thing. Sometimes they'll say "win tickets to see Boston's baseball team at their famous yard" or whatever. For football they often say "the big game." I'm wise to their little...whatever it is.

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