Monday, November 10, 2008


This movie review says "American Wet Hot Summer" instead of "Wet Hot American Summer." (25 seconds left mark) Terrible job!

Does anyone know where I can find a shag rug? I looked online and what carpet stores call shag doesn't look like what I remember from the 70s. Kim and I have determined that what I'm looking for is a rug made of, well, you remember those trolls people used to put on their pencil erasers back in middle school? Those guys' hair! That's what our rug was like in the living room in like '79. And that's what I want. Anybody?

The Bill Lee movie will be reviewed by me tomorrow. It was gonna be today, but it's a holiday, so I'll wait till TUesday morning.

More people in my hometown voted for Obama than for McCain. The only other time a Democratic presidential candidate won there in the last 100 years was 1964--LBJ.

Speaking of the new, non-Bush president, Barrack will supposedly quickly overturn W's crazy executive orders regarding stem cell research and drilling. Nice job.

Wouldn't it be funny if the Yanks, ready to spend for any free agent out there, get turned down by all of them? A week ago it was "Sabathia WILL be a Yankee." Then it was Peavy, then Matt Holliday--now it seems like all those guys are going elsewhere. Whatever happens, I'm sure it'll turn out bad for that cursed team as usual, hahahahahahahahahahaha.

Damn I hate it when I miss a kwiz! :(
Not that I've had much luck with them, but the funny thing is when I read "prisoner number" the 1st thing I thought was Shawshank.
On to the current post - What the everloving HELL do you want with shag carpet?
And my state (NC) went Dem for the 1st time since Carter - YAY US!
And thank you to all the transplants who made that happen. You should hear the "locals" bitch! :)
We have extra rooms in our new house, giving us each an "office." I was thinking, my office will be pretty bare once I clean it up, get my boxes put away, etc, except for a table and chair. So I thought, "I need a rug." Given the chance to have and want the sole decision on rug-type for the first time ever, I thought about it and decided I want that old kind of rug. I love the 70s stuff--wood paneling, colored lights, shaggy furniture, a bar in the house even though I don't drink... stuff like that.

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