Wednesday, November 19, 2008

M _ _ se (Where Are The Rings?)

Do you notice a glaring omission in this article? (Don't worry, it's not about the MVP thing!)

On the same theme, this site claims Moose went out "on top." When I saw 19 comments, I thought, Oh good, at least they blew that theory out of the water--I mean, there are so many joke possibilities involving third place being the top, etc., but no! The comments don't even mention it! They even agree--Yup, he went out on top all right. What??

Again, to reiterate their position: Mike Mussina, whose team finished third and missed the playoffs, and who finished sixth in Cy Young voting, currently resides "on top."

I'd like to add how great it is to live in a world where this is what Yankee fans think of as "the top."
Mose gone, Teixeira might be coming to Not a slow Wednesday.
I think MLBTR is claiming Moose went out "on top" of his game, as opposed to hanging on well past his prime.
He certainly had a great season, and, many would argue, a HOF career.
I just think of something else when I think of athletes "going out on top." With Moose, not only did he not win in his final season, he never won.

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