Friday, November 21, 2008

List Of Lifelong Dreams Getting Long

Okay, you know how I like seeing myself/people I know in the crowd on TV? Well, during that blowout in the ALCS, Game 4, you may remember I sat in really good seats for the last inning. Shortly after that, my mom got an email from my cousin (who is a Yankee fan) saying, "I saw Jere on TV."

Now, I've had people say they thought they saw me in places I was nowhere near. But this one--I knew I had a shot. He really could have been right. I have (okay, I have access to, but on my Mac, I can't do things like "skipping right to a specific half-inning." But I was at my parents' house last night, and they've got PCs. So I finally thought to check that game.

And there I was. Blatant. My mom's next to me, sitting down, and I'm standing, as we're chanting "let's go Red Sox," with two outs, two strikes, down nine runs, in the bottom of the ninth. I love it. I mean, of all the times to get on, how cool is it that we're shown in "never give up" mode? Now, granted, the drunk guys behind us were really "encouraging" people to stand and cheer that whole inning. And they weren't too "happy" with people who weren't joining in. So at that point, I don't exactly have a look of hope in my eyes, but hey, at least I stayed! Unlike the people who left second row seats we easily nabbed. It was also perfect that the guy in front of me wasn't standing, so I get a full upper body shot.

I'll definitely post the picture or video at some point. In the meantime, if you wanna find it, it's the October 14th game. Come on, I'd look for you!

Yeah, but most of us wouldn't know you if we saw you! Post the video!
Amy, just look for the guy with longish sideburns in Red Sox garb. Oops, that narrows it down to about 10,000 Fenway fans. Never mind!
Don't forget the glasses!

If you go to the point where it's 2 strikes on Drew in the ninth, they show a shot and the guy right in front in a road jersey is me.
The PC crowd worries about Viruses. The Mac Crowd worries about none of those problems, so count your blessings:

Mike Leggett, Mac User(OS 10.5.5)
If I had a copy of the game, I would. But alas, I will still have to wait for you to post the clip.

PS I ordered your book today through Amazon. I was hoping to get to have you sign it if you returned to the region, but I decided just to go ahead and buy it.
This would be you:

with your Mom obscured by the Hypersnap nag (sorry!)
Here's one without thye nag:
OK, Jere, you have your photo ready now for your next book!

Thanks, Horsham, for the links.

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