Thursday, November 13, 2008

Kwiz ProkoFIVE

In the 1980 World Series program, TV and movie stars revealed their World Series heroes. Gerald Ford's was Al Kaline, Cheryl Tiegs liked Kent Tekulve, and Tenille from Captain & Tenille loved it when Bob Welch struck out Reggie Jackson. Who was White Shadow star Ken Howard's choice?

Carlton Fisk with his famous homer in the 1975 Series.
Donn Clendenon
No and no....
Sandy Amoros
Don Larsen?
Bob Gibson
Incorrect--but hey, have you ever heard of the band She Rides? By random chance one of the dudes is our new neighbor. Saw them live for the first time a few minutes ago, actually. I also just found out the Living Room closed. And my online search about that led me to reading about the history of the Casualties--and during that, I hear the email notation sounder. And it was you, one of the people in the small percentage of my "readers" who know what I'm talking about right now.

Great quote by my old drummer about the Causalties: "They're supposed to be these gutter punks but the amount they spend on hair products must cost more than my car."
Have not heard She Rides- what do they sound like?

As for the Casualties, I guess what they spend on hair product is balanced out by what they don't spend on deodrant/soap/toothpaste/etc. It's all about priorities I guess, but damn, the couple times I've met those guys they were pretty crusty. Hell hath no fury like a ripped up, unwashed A Global Threat t-shirt on someone who has forsaken the lost art of bathing.
They're basically a dirtier version of the Unseen. And if you haven't heard it, check out Darkbuster on Youtube and their song "I Hate the Unseen." Funny stuff.
On the flip side of the Casualties coin, "Tomorrow Belongs to Us" is a pretty kick ass song.
In one of those, it shows the lyrics with "Randolph K of C" but he really says "Norwood VFW." But anyway, that was pretty funny.

She Rides: Hardcore, and to my delight without the cookie monster vocals. And not that fast. They were good, it was fun. Headliner was Wilhelm Scream. Their singer wore a Paul Pierce jersey, while Paul Pierce was on the TVs at the same time.
Listening to She Rides on their myspace page; did you know that their bass player's name is Chan? Fucking weird. I wonder if they named themselves after the Danzig song "She Rides"...they kinda have a little Danzig-y sound to a couple of their songs.

I've seen A Wilhelm Scream. Didn't like 'em on CD, but live they're pretty decent.
"did you know that their bass player's name is Chan?"

Yes! When we hung out with our neighbors for the first time, he mentioned "Chan." And I was like, Wait, did you say Chan? And sure enough, he had, and they've been friends for a while, like me and my Chan--and both Chans are Asian, though my Chan's last name is Chan, while his Chan's first name is Chan.

So, yeah, I got to see his Chan tonight on bass.

AWS: That singer HAS to be a huge Suicidal Tendencies fan. That flipped up hat, and in a band with a somewhat similar sound. (Then again, maybe I only thought of ST because of the hat.) Anyway, they were energetic and fun, Kim enjoyed them a lot. We saw only those two bands, back to back, and I kept thinking, Wow, my old band was almost like the exact midpoint between these two bands.

And yes, they're named after the Danzig song--and now one of their neighbors (us) has a cat named after Danzig, too.
A friend of mine who saw AWS before I did heard them cover an ST song, although I can't remember which one. That dude had the flipped-up cap when I saw 'em, too.

Probably the best live cover song I've heard this year was Bouncing Souls covering Sick of It All's "Scratch the Surface" on ukelele and the drummer playing spoons on his leg...
At that Souls show, I thought the band really missed a great opportunity to rock the SOIA "Braveheart Pit," but to do it reallllly slowly. Like separate the crowd to opposites sides of the club, then when the song started, just sort of have everyone lazily walk into each other and just stand there in the middle of the floor and mingle. That would've been hilarious.
Haha, I knew it. Come to think of it, he had a plaid shirt over the Celts jersey. He WANTS us to know about his love of Muir.

Interesting cover.... I like you "In the Line of Fire" spelling of uke.

I had STS . Well, I stil do. I remember when purchasing my SOIA shirt, which is buried somewhere, choosing it based on the one that did NOT have the interlocking NY on there.

This comment is also to publicly denounce the actions of Wayne Lo.
And to your 2nd comment: Nice! That woulda ruled.
Roberto Clemente
My guess is Sandy Koufax
No Sandy.
Don Larsen
Ted Williams?
Larsen: Already guessed. Above the big conversation.... still no.

Williams: No.
I thought Ken may have changed his mind since this Kwiz started. :)
Don Drysdale
Luis Tiant
Willie Mays
Jim Lonborg
Pete Rose?
on both Rose and Lonborg
Dusty Rhodes
The bionic elbow.... nope.
Rollie Fingers?
Kara always looking for clues...

Sergei Prokofiev ?
Nope! But for anyone who didn't know, that's why the Kwiz has that name. (In our middle school music class, we learned about him and called him Proko-5.)
Darn it, I thought I'd discovered a hint.
Whitey Ford?
not Whitey.
Reggie Jackson
Bernie Carbo
Not Reggie. Not Bernie.
Johnny Bench?
Lew Burdette
No Bench.
No Lew either.
Gene Tenace
Frank Howard
No Tenace, no Howard.
Brooks Robinson?
Brooks was NOT here.
Tommy Agee.

I'm trying to avoid guessing a Yankee, because I'd like to believe that Ken isn't a Yankee fan.
Babe Ruth?
No Agee, no Babe.

I wanna give a clue, but....not yet.
Carl Yastremzsky
Bill Russell
Since there have not been many Yanks mentioned, how about Dimaggio?
Sweet Lou Johnson
Still, no one has gotten it.
Eddie Matthews
Johnny Podres?
No JoPo.
I wanted to think better of Ken than this, but...

...Mickey Mantle for his walk-off HR off of Barney Schultz in Game 3 of the '64 WS...the same moment that turns Billy Crystal, Bob Costas, Mike Francessa, and various other obnoxious celebrity Yankee fans of a certain age into gushing little boys when they're asked about their favorite Series memories growing up.

Too bad for the Yanks they lost that Series anyway. Just like 2001.
Not Mickey. (I still love how it was his birthday on the night of ALCS Game 7 2004 and they just assumed his ghost would rise up and make them win.)
Ron Swoboda
Bucky Dent?
no on Dent and Swoboda
Willie Stargell
No Pops
Tug McGraw?
Tom Burgmeier
No Tug.

As for Burgmeier, wow, nice blast from the past. Never pitched in a Fall Classic but was on the '80 All-Star team--I was just looking at him in the AL All-Stars team picture in the '80 WS program. So, no on Burgmeier.
Mickey Lolich?
Perhaps Ken was not really a baseball fan and said Ernie Banks?
Just stabbing in the dark.
(I just know you're going to give a good clue while I'm away, dammit)
No MiLo.

This is too fun to give a clue.
And no on Banks.

And I said the thing about not giving a clue before I saw sosock's comment about clues. So, he'll be happy to know, I don't feel ready to give one yet.
Frank Robinson?
Dave Skaggs
Not Frank Robinson.
Not Dave Skaggs.
Don Newcombe
no Don.
Bob Gibson?
no Bob
Dwight Evans
No Evans.
Bobby Richardson?
No on Richardson. Also, I should note that Bob Gibson was already guessed by Matty.
Jim Rice
Larry Sherry?
I think you are having way too much fun torturing us. : )
Bill Mazeroski
No Maz
Ralph Terry?
Not Ralphie.
Luis Aponte
Mickey Rivers
Johnny Antonelli
Still, we believe, that no one has guessed it right.
Mickey Stanley
Bob Turley?
Ted Sizemore
wrong, wrong, wrong
Nolan Ryan
Fred Lynn?
Dick Drago
no, and it's not Chuck Rainey either
I probably have a 1980 WS program lying in my parents' attic; I should just go there and find it at this point.

Aw, Christ....Joe Morgan.
That would be a perfectly legal (and encouraged!) way of finding the answer.

But no, it's not Joe Morgan.
Nora sends in an absentee ballot: Dennis Eckersley.

That is incorrect.
Jerry Koosman
No Koos
Rico Petrocelli
no Rico
Tom Seaver
Ken Boyer
It's not a Boyer.
Rusty Staub
Tim McCarver
no Yogi
no Rusty
no McCarver
Ron Swoboda
Already guessed. Nope.
Cecil Cooper?
Rich Gedman
And no to Gedman--had only played 9 games when program came out.
Ron Cey
Rick Burleson
Rick Wise
The nay was to Cey.

To Burleson and Wise: No and no.
Jose Tartabull?
Thurmon Munson
Al Weis
No no no.

CLUE: He never played for the Red Sox. Or Yankees.
Davey Lopes
Charlie Neal
Duke Snider
Dave McNally
2 guesses in a row by AJM--illegal.

McNally is wrong. And now is when AJM would've come back with Snider, which is also wrong.
I didn't realize that rule was still in effect this season; for some reason I was thinking that went away with moderated comments.

Anyhoo, if nothing else, I've now managed to guess Willie, Mickey AND the Duke for this quiz. One request: can we at least confirm that the player involved had his World Series hero "moment" during Ken Howard's actual lifetime?
Sorry, can't answer that question. But don't read into me not answering it.
Elston Howard
Nope. See clue above.
I was gonna guess Bill Wambsganss, but then I saw that he actually played for the Sox at the end of his career.

Instead, I'll go with:
Manny Sanguillen
No Manny
Pee Wee Reese?
No Pee Wee
Ken Griffey. The old man not the young kid.
It's not a Griffey.

Almost at 200 comments!
Junior Gilliam?
Alvin Dark
no; no
Moose Skowron?
Kirk Gibson
Not Moose.

Not Gibson--didn't play in WS until 4 years after the program came out.
Yeah, but in addition to being an actor it's been rumored that he also dabbled as a psychic.
Maury Wills?
Stan Musial
Gil Hodges?
Ed Kranepool
No Gil, no Ed
Roy Campanella?
No Roy
Ken Holtzman
Jackie Robinson?
Jackie Robinson?
Carl Furillo?
I guess Mike saw his first comment hadn't been moderated yet, an figured he'd post again. He must be REALLY sure of his answer.

And he's RIGHT!


It was Jackie Robinson.

Now, this doesn't seem to be the same Mike as Phillies fan Mike? Can one or both Mikes verify this please?

Anyway, I will post the picture and talk more about this, award points, etc, soon.
When you posted the clue, I started guessing Dodgers from the mid-50's.
This morning I found out Robinson was the correct answer, but didn't see it in comments, so I guessed it again.

I'll be picking up a 2008 WS program, so that I am ready for Kwiz Five in 2036.

-Phillies Fan Mike
skb, pweezil, AJM, truth, Matty, heybluu, Neil H, Kara, San Fran, STJ, Nora, SoSock, Bosox Fan in Wichita get .2 each.

Mike gets 3.4 for getting it right.

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