Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Kwiz Number 2

UPDATE, 1 minute after last update: This Kwiz has been solved, see comments.

UPDATE, 2:12 PM: I went back to the comment style, in a pop-up window. So if you had problems, try again. Pweezil has already guessed Jeff Bailey by emailing me, that is incorrect.


Who's this?

Brad Mills?
and just as soon as I post that update, I get an email from Dan, guessing Justin Masterson. He's right! Here was his repsonse:

"So my response is (based on Jere logic)

Curvy number for the first number based on the shape). Seems to fill up most of it, so I'm guessing a 6.
Looking over the left shoulder, so most likely a right handed pitcher
Looks like he has one hell of a neck, so I'm going with Justin Masterson (#63)"
Damn, I was thinking it was a single digit, and was gonna either go with Chris Donnels, Gary Gaetti, or Brad Mills, in that order.

I'm happy you're back to the window comment format, Jere. Is Coco about to go go??
All rumors for now. (Prepare for lots of those.)

I've been reading too much if I can do Jere logic :-)

And thank you for going back to pop-up comments. They actually work!

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