Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Kwiz Fore

What movie has "It's Never Too Late To Mend" written on a wall? (Note: there are movies titled "It's Never Too Late to Mend." I don't mean those.) (Oh, and in the movie in question, there's punctuation in the phrase. You don't get full credit without saying what that punctuation is and where it's placed.)

Shawshank Redemption?

Period at end of sentence:
'It's Never Too Late To Mend.'

ps: I had to guess it, just in case.
Nope. (Could be, I guess, but not what I was thinking of.)

And that's the wrong punctuation, and it's in the wrong place. But nice try.
Blues Brothers
"It's never too late! to mend"

That's correct. Punctuation: also! correct.

6 for Dan.

Lotta sixes this year!

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