Thursday, November 06, 2008

Know What's Weird?

When I lived in NYC, my apartment was on the street as Obama's apartment when he lived there. About 500 away. When I lived in Somerville, MA, my apartment was on an adjacent street to Obama's when he lived there, about 1500 feet away.

Also, my Somerville place was 3.3 miles from Fenway Park, and my Manhattan place was 3.3 miles from Yankee Stadium. Did I mention this before?

After writing that, I wondered what was 3.3 miles from where I lived the first 25 years of my life in Connecticut. I thought, Well, the only landmark anywhere near us was the Danbury Fair Mall. So I checked it out: 3.3 miles.

...and how old are you now?
Ha! Good call--I'm 33.

Three Is A Magic Number
Maybe you should play the "Pick Three" in Lottery?

Love the Schoolhouse Rocks! comment. Three really IS a magic number...

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