Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ken & Jackie

We had somewhere around 100 guesses to the last Kwiz, but finally one of the Mikes got it. Ken Howard's World Series hero was Jackie Robinson.

I honestly didn't think of the fact that a clue was built in until after a few guesses were made. (That being his TV show centered on race issues, with him playing the white coach of a basketball team consisting mainly of minorities.)

Before asking the question, I checked it's Google-ability, and I actually did find one clue you could have found--remember those "Greatest Sports Legends" VHS tapes? Ken Howard narrated the Jackie Robinson one.

If you're in Connecticut--my mom and I will be reading/signing copies of Dirty Water at Broad Street Books in Middletown tonight at 7 PM. See you there.

In 1969, my heroes were Tommie Lee Agee, Cleon Jones and Ron Swoboda, and Jerry Koosman+George Thomas Seaver(The 1969 World Champion NY Mets):

In 2004, It was Manuel Aristedis Ramirez, Pedro Martinez, Curtis Montague Schilling, Mark Bellhorn, Bill Mueller and Kevin Millar, along With David Ortiz and Trot Nixon;

Note The Absence of The NY Yankthese, since I utterly despise them, especially the Guy who was either in Suzyn Waldman's or Mr Dunbar's Bawx, I believe his name is William Roger, with a name in Latin, which means Merciful, though he NEVER practiced That Virtue, I think his last name is Clemens.

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