Sunday, November 23, 2008

It's Bitter Baby And It's Very Sweet

Sox offer contract to a guy who's probably good. [Update: A Japanese site says we've already got the guy (Junichi Tazawa), and he'll start at AA. But A. you never know with these things and B. it's in Japanese, so I can't even read it whether it's truth or not.]

As for Kiedis*, isn't it weird how last offseason, we all wanted Lowell to stay, and not take A-Rod--and made it clear to the point where the team actually listened--but now we know if we get Kiedis, Lowell will have to go, but we seem to be okay with that?

Of course, not everybody was against signing A-Rod, and I'm sure some people would rather see Lowell stay. But if you can get Kiedis, you almost have to do it, and Lowell would be up crap's creek. Maybe some of us feel like Mike gave us his encore this year (after winning World Series MVP in '07) and now we realize how much better off we'd be with Kiedis? I don't know, I'd hate to see Mikey go. If he's healthy, I think he'll be fine. But even when I think of that, I think of how much better a hitter Kiedis is. (He's also six years younger.) The key is pitching anyway--we need to sign one of these free agent pitchers and worry about the offense later.

*I've always referred to Mark Teixeira as "Kiedis" due to the facial similarities between him and the Red Hot Chili Peppers' singer, Anthony Kiedis.

I've been wondering where the Keep Mike Lowell movement is these days. I'm still pulling for Mikey to be with us in 09. He chose us. Should we now cast him aside after a rough season when he gave more than anyone could ask? Baseball as a business be damned.

I could never be a GM. Theo, please do the right thing.
Depends on your definition of the right thing. I'd love Lowell to stay but this is what you'd call bad timing for him. But everyone's doing their own job, just like when there is someone pitching to their best friend, they still have to focus on getting them out. Or in hockey they have to plaster them to the boards and get the puck.

Luckily inside the business there is a common understanding of where friendship begins and ends. Lowell knows there's a decent chance he'll be traded.

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