Saturday, November 08, 2008

I Love This Man!

Bill Lee sharing my exact thoughts on Manny, last night at the induction dinner:

"Manny was well loved, and then he'd have his little fits, and then we'd patch things up and we'd win a world championship," said Lee. "This year, I think Boston just kind of got fed up with winning. That's too bad."


"We could have been world champions again," roared Lee. "And then he wouldn't have hit those 6-irons into the wind against the Cubs; he would have hit them against Tampa Bay. And we wouldn't be having this conversation right now. A prophet in his own time is not well received in this town. I was, for nine years and 142 days. And I told everybody on [sports radio station WEEI] and everything that they would not win it without Manny Ramirez. They told me to shut up. I told them, 'You guys don't like to win, do you?'

"He's the greatest hitter I ever saw. I loved the guy. He's a prima donna, and he pushed down the traveling secretary. Well, you pick the traveling secretary up, and you dust him off, and you apologize and you go back to work. He's the greatest I ever saw. I like Jason Bay. I'm not saying anything disparaging against Canadians, because I've married two of them."


"He always took August off," said Lee. "In France, they give you a month vacation and give you two hours for lunch."


"Sign Manny Ramirez," Lee said. "We just had that conversation. He's already saved L.A. Sure, they should patch it up with Manny. You're going to have to see his number on the wall sooner or later here, aren't you? He's going to be standing right where I'm standing. Mark my words. Because if he doesn't go in the Red Sox Hall of Fame, [it's not right]."

I've left out the parts where the reporter throws in his opinions. I love how Lee specifically shoved it in the face of WEEI, whose sexist and racist hosts continue to try to brainwash people about Manny. It's so obvious--players who don't give the media exactly what they want are blackballed and then are portrayed as evil when in reality all the fans love them. I'm staying confident in my assertion that there are a whole lot of people still love Manny. It really pisses me off to hear what they say about him on the radio, but I have faith they do not represent us. Hey, they never do.


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